To All Artists Applying For Upcoming Exhibitions

At Capital Art Gallery.

The following criteria will be required to be considered for each of the upcoming Exhibitions.

1) Each Exhibition will be for a period of 14 days, and Artwork must remain at the Gallery for this period, unless sold by Gallery.

 2) All Artwork to be Exhibited must be presented to Capital Art Gallery no later than 7 days before commencement of each 


 3) FEES  Each Exhibition has a submission fee of £10, plus a cost of £10 per piece of Art the Artist wishes to Exhibit. There must                          be  a minimum of 5 pieces of Art by each Artist to be Exhibited. i.e the minimum cost per Artist per Exhibition will be £60.  

 4)   COMMISSIONS   Capital Art Gallery will retain 30% commission on any Artwork sold at the agreed sale price.

 5) All Artwork submitted by Artists must be collected within 7 days of the final date of each Exhibition.

 The above criteria is very simple, so please adhere to these rules.

   Capital Art Gallery reserves the right to accept or deny any Artwork submitted for Exhibition purposes.

    For more information please contact me via either Tel.  07435 789927 or email

    Regards, Karl   (Owner Capital Art Gallery)